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About the docs

When I was building this website, I was in a dilemma. Mostly, about the positioning—what should I post? What's the target audience? What should I establish myself as? How seriously should I take it?

I've written a lot, some in Chinese, some in English, scattered in random corners over the Internet. To list several sources:

As you see, the list now is primarily composed of Chinese forums. I hardly know any Western platform that welcomes writers to write long articles—it seems the tradition is to have a personal page, i.e., a blog site.

So here it is—my own personal site. In the Docs section, the articles are designed to be reusable: they simply convey information; while the articles in the Blog are more one-time use: they record my experiences. If you want to see how I learned to use tools like TypeScript or Apache, look into the Blogs; if you want to learn something (math, economics, biology, anything), you'd better look at the Docs.

I do need to warn non-Chinese readers, though, that because I'm lazy, most of the articles in the Docs are migrated from Chinese platforms and thus are Chinese. You may use a translating software, but I do not guarantee the quality or correctness of results. Anyways, I hope you'll learn something, or know more about what I've done.