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About me

Joshua Chen

Me as scholar

  • SWFLA '22 IB curriculum
  • '20 BPhO top gold medalist, nationally ranked 3rd
  • '20 UKChO gold medalist, nationally ranked 7th
  • '20 USABO gold medalist
  • Solo-studied college CS & chemistry courses
  • IBM QxQ courses on quantum computing

Me as researcher

  • Internship at SIOC: structural chemistry
  • Research with MIT: cybersecurity strategies
  • Independent research: Fake video detection with deep learning

Me as debater

  • NSDA nationally ranked top 50
  • NSDA '20 national champion in WSD format
  • NSDA '20 spring Shanghai regional champion
  • TOC '21 octa finalist
  • 7-time NSDA outstanding speaker
  • IPPF '20 global "Sweet 16"

Me as programmer

  • Current club leader of Computerization
  • Developer of Enspire
  • USACO gold division
  • Full-stack developer
  • Understanding of computer hardware

Me as gamer

  • 7-year MINECRAFT player
  • Operations and Tech manager of BateRock server
  • Built functional redstone CPU in Minecraft
  • Lay Clash Royale player: PB 6k trophies

More about me

  • Favorite color: turquoise (#39cac4)
  • 1,200+ hours of music listening each year
  • Favorite genre: soft rock
  • Favorite band: Coldplay
  • Science fiction writer

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