Joshua Chen

Specialist in JavaScript and related technologies. Maintainer of the MDN JavaScript documentation. Contributor to impactful JavaScript infrastructure projects such as TypeScript and typescript-eslint. My main work focus is compilers and static analysis, but I am also interested in computation models and functional programming.

My Yale undergraduate study is mostly around quantitative social science, with a curriculum focused on statistics, data science, and the syntax and semantics of natural languages.


  •  – 
    Bachelor's of Science, Yale University
    • BS in Statistics & Data Science, BA in Linguistics
    • Relevant Coursework: Data structures, Linear algebra, Probability theory, Syntax (linguistics), Phonology
  •  – 
    High school, Shanghai World Foreign Language Academy
    • IB diploma
    • Madam Luo's scholarship recipient (highest award); Leader of computerization club
  •  – 
    Middle school, Shanghai Huayu Middle School


  •  – 
    Maintainer, typescript-eslint
    • Static analysis tool for TypeScript that reports potential logic bugs and unifies code style
    • Core maintaining team, responsible for triaging issues, advising contributors, and reviewing pull requests
    • 23 million weekly downloads (60% of TypeScript’s total traffic)
  •  – 
    Developer, CourseTable
    • Student-run project at Yale used by almost all Yale students
    • Empowers the course registration process, including course search, filtering, and schedule management
    • Maintain developer infrastructure, lead the frontend development, provide technical support on Docker, React, and TypeScript to the 10-person team
  •  – 
    Invited expert, MDN Web Docs
    • De-facto standard reference material in the web developer community
    • Project lead for reviewing, maintaining, and writing documentation for JavaScript language features
    • Work closely with Chrome and Firefox documenters to deliver new feature documentation
    • Top 10 JavaScript pages total 2 million views / month
  •  – 
    Maintainer, Docusaurus
    • React-based documentation framework aiming to make setting up documentation websites easier
    • Design and develop core features, instrument the shipping of 2.0 major rebuild
    • 280,000 weekly downloads (among the highest in static site generators)